Problem with M-Tron Pro (64 bit) in Cubase 10.5 Elements


I import midi files from a notation program in Cubase and then assign the VST instrument sounds to each track. When I use an instrument patch in M-Tron, the settings of the patch (delay, attack etc) reset to default or zero out when I press play or stop on playback or do an audio track mixdown. Has anyone else encountered the problem with M-Tron Pro and Cubase? This is the only VST that I have that doesn’t work properly in Cubase. I couldn’t find a fix within M-Tron Pro itself.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Do you send any Reset MIDI Messages at the beginning of the MIDIÜInstrument Track by any chance?

Hi Martin,

I have no idea. I create a midi file from my notation program (Encore) and import that midi file into Cubase. Then I assign instruments to the various tracks. All of my other VSTs work fine and keep their settings during playback. If there is a Reset Midi Message at the beginning of the tracks, I would assume that they are part of every track. I only assign one instrument per staff (or track) in the notation program, if that is helpful.


You can have a look to the MIDI data in Cubase.

I know virtually nothing about how Cubase works or how to find such a thing. My knowledge so far has simply been to import midi, assign instrument sounds and do a rough mix with the faders. I’ll have to poke around and see what I can find regarding the midi data. Thank you for the tip.