Problem? with Macbook Pro, workspaces, and attached monitor

I have a 15" MBP. I wanted to try the multi-monitor setup so I set up some workspaces that utilized the second monitor for 3 mixers and the inspector, while the MBP screen for the arranger. I also tried this the other way around. When I setup and save the workspaces per project, and globally so that it auto-instantiates on the new projects, the workspaces get messed up still when I try to open a new project. The mixers or inspectors get moved around, or everything is not arranged properly, or it seems like to tries to pull everything into the MBP screen. Trying to use the second monitor has not been a pleasant experience in this setup. Am I doing something wrong here, or missing something, or is this a bug? Anything would be greatly appreciated.

sounds like perhaps when you pull the monitor and ‘go solo screen’ the prorgm is remembering the way it is with single screen. i use a second cinema display on my mbp but i use space not workspace so thats as far as i can help you im afraid. i would say it works nicely for me with the mbp as the inspecto and the main screen as arange … hope it works out for you


ahh…I will give this a try…so in expose and spaces, I should set up a spaces with cubase in both displays?

Aloha illumin,

Are you using Snow Leopard or the new Lion OS on your MBP?


I’m on Snow. Haven’t upgraded yet for plugin compatibility sake…I think I should be safe by now though for the ones I use.

Oh and to mention…I’m on 6.0.3.