problem with manual bracket and barline changes

at the moment i am preparing a publication for a customer. 136 pages with 55 flows. Normally there are playing scores, but in some cases, I have a smaller conductor score an excerpts of the parts as well. I attached a small example of my problem:
Page 1 is the score. The customer doesn’t want the barlines to join, so I changed them manually. No problems so far …
Page 2 and 3 are the excerpts of the score as layout frames. When I now try to change the barlines joins in the excerpts like in the score, the score will change back. Very strange!
My problem is, that I am very close to the deadline and the publications is more or less ready, so can’t start and duplicate frames etc. This would ruin my whole layout.
Help is urgently needed.
Test (383 KB)

I’m afraid you can’t do this using the same layout, Heiko. Bracket and barline changes cannot be set independently for different frame chains within the same layout. You’ll need to employ some kind of workaround here, such as making a PDF with one set of barline joins, then changing the barline joins, making a new PDF, and then combining the pages you need from each of the PDF files.

Thanks for your answer, Daniel. I ended up, changing all the layout frames back to the master pages by duplicating the flows and deleting the players in the excerpts. Took me hours. Does not feel good, because one strength of Dorico is, that everything stays connected. And now I have a lot of pieces, where I have 3 flows, which are not connected anymore. This feels like three steps back into the old Sibelius days. I hope this will be possible in the future, though I must admit, that this is probably not a very common use case.
I also changed this, because I found another problem: breath marks. I can’t move them independently and I couldn’t find a setting, where they look good in both layouts, when the score is very tight and the parts are spaced wider.
Two more observations:

  1. Dorico got really slow with a lot of layout frames.
  2. The player list in the layout frames is different from setup mode. Probably the order, in which I created the players.

I’m sorry that this cost you a number of hours. Hopefully Dorico still saves you enough time in the aggregate that you are coming out ahead nonetheless. It’s certainly not a common use case to want to show the same music twice in the same layout with different barline joins, I’m afraid, and making that possible is not something that’s likely to rise to the top of the priority list in the near future. Now that you know this (entirely reasonably) limitation exists you can at least plan for it in future projects, I hope.

Daniel, sorry, if I was unclear: I’m not able to have the same barline joins in the layout. Have you looked at my project and tried it yourself?


Surely it is too late for you now, but i think there is a way to achieve what you wanted
Layout options > Brackets and Braces select “No brackets”.

Yes, it’s as I explained, Heiko, you can’t have more than one bracket and barline change in the same layout. The change you add in the layout-specific frame overwrites the one in the default frame.

You could use vocal instruments instead of brass ones, I suppose, which don’t have barline joins by default.

It would be great, if bracket and barline changes were kept in layout frames in the same layout. Or if one could switch the changes to local or global like other proerties. Just dreaming …

Thank you, rafaelv, for your suggestion. In this case I would have correct barline joins but missing brackets.

Haven’t tried this. Will do. Hoping for options to create this by default, when an instrument editor arrives one day …