Problem with MasterRig

When I use MasterRig package on a track an error occurs after rendering. Practically some parts of the track are changed both in terms of graphics that sound, I ran tests using other plugins, like Waves along with everything working properly.

With the use of MasterRig occurs this change the audio track as if the plugin did the cuts. It occurs both in listening than after rendering.

Before the last update this problem was not there. Anyone have any idea of the problem?

No one has encountered this bug ? It ’ a very strange thing but it happens only if either the MasterRig package

I have used MasterRig extensively without any such issue on either playback or rendering. I am using Wavelab version 9.0.20. I mostly use the EQ and Imager in MasterRig and apply custom effect settings to each individual song/clip in a Montage. Are you experiencing this issue in Wavelab version 9.0.25?

I am using the latest version, 9.0.25. With version before MasterRig works well .

What are your settngs in Master Rig? Is it used as a track effect in the audio montage?

The problem occurs both using Master Rig on single track on a project. I simply load an effect of those on the list of Master Rig (for example that relating to the burning of the Dance) and the problem comes out.

If you have a render from the previous version, you could run a render with the new version using the same settings and run a file compare. If they’re different, send the results to support. That’s the only way I know to tell for sure.

Or, if it’s serious problems that only occur in parts of the song and could be obvious to others from screenshots, you could post some screenshots.

I have already sent the material to the Italian media of Steinberg but at the moment there is no news.
We have to wait for a new update hoping that puts everything in place