Problem with MIDI Ghost Notes

Working on a score.

I thinned out a 2 bar phrase that had about 30 notes in it down to just 4 notes creating a pulse on beats 1 & 2 of the measure. I tried to copy this 2 bar loop. But every time I hit “Paste,” I got the original phrase back with ALL 30 NOTES! :flushed:

Worse, when I double clicked on the measure to edit out the additional notes, THEY WERE’NT THERE! How do you delete something that’s not there? You could hear them. You could see them in the regular view. But there was nothing to work on when you opened the Editor Window.

I eventually found a work around by GLUING the ghost measure to the correct edited measure. This was as close to Bouncing a MIDI event as I could get. This made the error notes visible and I was able to delete those notes. Since the extract was several measures long. I had to delete these Ghost notes several measures out to keep them from reoccurring after multiple copy/paste functions. All I needed was 16 bars! I couldn’t get more than 4 at a time and I could never copy/paste/duplicate the edited measures to get correct performance.

I got the part finished and I saved it. Which brings me to the reason for posting this event. I have 2 questions.

  1. Anybody else had this happened? If so , how did you handle it?
  2. Was that project corrupted and did I end up saving a corrupt file?