Problem with Midi Import in Cubase Artist 6 on Windows 7

I’m having problems importing a midi file I do the usual thing as per page 528 in the operation Manual. but nothing seems to happen. Even when I drag and drop into a project nothing happens That is not new tracks are generated hwne I have the destination set to MIDI Tracks.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can remedy this?

Well, what have you troubleshooted so far? Number one thing I would try is a different midi file to rule out the file itself.

After that, in my own world, it could turn out to be something very obvious that I was missing all the time.

Thanks for your response Steve

I have tried several different midi files. I also changed the destination to the new Halion Sonic SE plugin which did load as a VSTi but the Midi file did not. I also selected and deselected all the options in preferences to load a midi file.

I also run Cubase 6 on a Mac Pro and everything runs fine on that machine fo it is baffling as to what is going wrong. I will do some more trouble shooting tonight.

I Have done more touble shooting and compare the settings for midi files in my preference settings on my mac and to no avail I am gogin to log a ticket hoping that it is not something silly I am forgetting about. :frowning:

Are you sure the files are MIDI files? Are you sure they aren’t Read Only? Are you running Cubase as Administrator? Have you tried trashing Prefs? Screenshot of the Properties window of the “MIDI” file.

Thanks for the reply

I am the administrator on the machine.
I have tried ‘trashing’ prefs. I even thought it was somehting wrong with the install so I uninstalled it and then re installed it but I still have the same problem
I have attachd a screenshot of the midi file

Thanks for your help
screenshot of Midi.jpg

Try this drum MIDI file, it should drag and drop into Cubase.
Test (241 Bytes)

hey there,

I was able to drag that one in alright but what is the difference between this file and the other one

Thanks again for your help

I don’t know. Where’d you get it? Was it free? Look at the Properties of both and see if there’s a difference. I notice Archive is checked on yours. What if you un-check it?