Problem with mix down

I don’t have any plugins in the insert just the Spire VST.


I understood @st10ss’s question different way… If you had any process involved in Cubase when did you Export Audio Mixdown the track. He didn’t ask for the Audacity, where did you observe the results. Right?

I never use Audacity… i use Adobe Audition for results


Sorry, I just mixed them up.

I didn’t asked for the inserts

what about the integrated channel processing is it off?

I am interested in this topic, since i encounter with similar weirdos which are only happens in Cubase.
Like this one, although I ain’t test this with the new versions, but it might be connected with this thread.

@zSonic4K can you send me project file in pm i would like to check that. Thanks

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Yes is all off…

can you provide the two audio files? Or at least a part of them…



Studio One

I guess I’m too old to hear the differences…

This should maybe be posted in issues to make sure it’s getting the proper attention.

Also, have you tried other plugins?

Curious, and following because I’m OCD about this stuff.

tried it now with the same sylenth problem. maybe worse

this is cubase

This is studio one

This is only with VSTi? or with VST and export in general?

Sorry I only skimmed the thread, have you done a phase inverted null test between the files?

No in the end the sound being detune will never sound the same


You provide MP3 files, what is not really representative, because the compression could change the files quite significantly, especially, when we are hunting for such a details…

But what can I see in the SpectraLayers is:

  • Every single file is different. S1 and Ableton are not the same. So I would say, it’s really the picture of the Audio Engine.
  • Ableton and Studio One have hard cut at 20kHz. Cubase has cut around 21.5kHz.
  • Cubase seems to be the most “noisy”. But with this heavily distorted sound, the question is, if it’s not just more colourful in fact.

I’m still not really sure, how did you get the very source. Do you use a VSTi with the very same MIDI notes? Or do you have 1 WAV file and you just export it? Where does the WAV file come from? Or is the source an MP3 file?

I use a vst with the same midi file…
I try export in 48khz mp3 and the cut is same of Ableton and Studio One… Why in 44khz not?


From my point of view, the explanation is still the fact, these are 3 different Audio Engines, so every single sounds different. Now, you can decide, if you like one of them more.

I think, there is no more puzzle here.

Do you use the very same plug-in version in all 3 DAWs? Like VST3 version in all of them, or VST2 version in all of them?

What do you mean, please?

Ok but on Studio One and Ableton i have the cut at 20kHz(MP344kHz) on Cubase i have the cut at 21.5kHz but on 44kHz. in 48kHz i have the same cut of Ableton And Studio One

Only VST2

In the last post i exported on Cubase the same vst and preset but in 48kHz. if you see i have the same cut of Studio One and Ableton… Why in 48kHz yes but on 44 no?