Problem with multiple Cubase 9's in task manager

Came across something unsual today. I noticed that after working with Cubase 9 and saving my file then quitting ( I did this several times as I was working on something else on my system) that I ended up with multiple Cubase 9.exe’s left running in my Task Manager.

I tried switching and messing with plugins I was using, even went back to a blank project only adding a couple tracks with no plugins and just when I thought I’d figured out what was causing it, it would start up again.

But I finally figured it out. And it is repeatable. Here’s what’s going on…

If I open a project and use “Save as” (overwriting the original file) before quitting, rather than just “Save,” Cubase 9 always closes normally. No matter what plugin or how many tracks are loaded. I even tested it on the big projects that were giving me problems, and if I followed this “Save as” rule, Cubase always closes properly.

So there’s something odd going on with “Save” versus “Save as” at least on my system and wondered if anyone else has seen this.


Could you provide some details about your system, please?

Windows 10 X64, i7-5960x (8core), 32 gigs ram, GTX 1080. System is on 240 gig M2 module on motherboard (MSI X99A), along with five internal drives (2 ssd) and also 48tb in external raids for video as well as audio editing. I build all my own systems but not sure if that helps. Use Windows Defender as my anti-virus.

I run Adobe CC 2017 and Cinema 4D as well as a lot of other programs and have not seen this problem in anything else. I think it’s one of these oddities that could be traced back to a bad profile (which I’ve tried new ones) or using an old project. Though all of last tests were on a new project in a new profile. It always behaved the same way. “Save” = left in Task Manger, “Save As” = not left in Task Manager.

Don’t go to too much trouble, Martin. I can live with it. But any ideas are surely welcome. I only posted because I recalled someone else having similar problems. Talked about having to open and save or else Cubase 9 would be left in the Task Manager.