Problem with multiple output tracks Groove Agent One

Hi all,

I wrote a MIDI track for hi-hat.
Opened “VST instruments” by hitting “F11”
Made 2 separate output tracks for GAone. 1 and 2

1 is intended for a kick drum so its not being used yet.

Inside GAone:

Opened media bay again, and dropped 2 samples (“open hat” and “closed hat”) on the desired pads (D1 and D#1) within GAone.

I set the output of pad “D1” to output 2 and set the output of pad D#1 also to output 2.
I now have the open and closed hi-hat samples ready together on a single output channel fader in the mixer.

The MIDI track meters on the mixer are displaying happy normal signs of life.

The meter on the mixer where the hi-hats are being routed to from GAone, totally loses it and blasts me with 100dB of white noise/square wave! The hi-hat/stereo out fader meter gets stuck for about 30 seconds beyond the peak level. :open_mouth:

Why is this happening?

No inserts. No sends. Sample volume level inside GAone is under control. No accidental duplicates. No problems with sound card, ASIO driver, buffer size, sample rate.
Just terrible noise from the hi-hat output channel after about 5 seconds of playback. The MIDI track meter is displaying the correct info.

cheers! :neutral_face:

Is there an audio interface present that is “live” in the routing somewhere? Just tossing that out there. I’m curious what the end result of your findings is going to be.

My TASCAM US-1800 is on (it’s my interface) but there is nothing connected to the MIDI input on the interface.

Shutdown CuBase and try disconnecting it from your system completely just to make sure, then restart CuBase. See what happens.
If no luck, double-check your VST Connections. “Disconnect” all your inputs and listen/watch to see if it goes away.
Also, it might be helpful if you sent a few screen captures of your VST Connections and your routing.
Keep on trying one thing at a time, but maintain the integrity of your original project file so you can go back if each “solution” doesn’t work. Good Luck. I’m sure someone else may be able to help.