Problem with my new laptop elicenser

Having a problem with my new laptop elicenser not recognising my old LE 8 installation and Cubase 13 now ‘running out’ of my trial period.
Have been waiting a week on my initial support ticket and still have heard nothing.
Understand they may be on holidays etc.
Anyone know how long support tickets usually take to get looked at?

Instead of asking that, why not just say what the problem is?

Do a search for reactivation - Google Search

Hi Steve,
Thanks for the reply. I was having trouble figuring out how to reactivate my license and it didn’t make sense to me that I had to reactivate the LE8 licence on my new computer to then upgrade it to a newer one since they were both showing on my MySteinberg account.
Thanks for your help as I’ve now figured out how to reactivate and now activate my Cubase 13 - hoping on an update soon to fix some graphic glitches but other than that it’s been running wonderfully on my Windows 11 setup.
All the best :slight_smile: