Problem with my Padshop Pro activation


I have a full License for Padshop Pro. I have just been using it on a project. Suddenly the activation was unexpectedly nulled and the problem was apparently because there is a new version of the E-licenser software. So I installed the latest version of the E-licenser software but this didn’t solve the issue.

I tried every option to re-sync and re-activate, but apparently I need a new serial number for the Soft E-Licenser (SeL).

I don’t understand really ; I have a full License with no expiry date. I have updated the software, where do I get a new serial number for the SeL and why do I need one ? I can see I have a full License both on my E-Licenser, and on my Steinberg Product page. There is a re-activation option but I can’t do this becaues I don’t have a new number, which is why I’m doing the reactivation in the first place.

Running in circles here to no avail!
Any help appreciated.

If your eLicenser was registered against your My Steinberg account, you can get a new activation code from the reactivate option on My Steinberg. Before doing that, though, I would run Maintenance in eLicenser - it might just sort it out.

If neither of those work, you’ll need to contact Steinberg Support.

Thanks David W, the reactivation option didn’t work exactly. I uninstalled, re-installed and run maintenance/ sync several times and that did sort it out eventually.
Don’t have any other software that would de-activate itself like this did - be good if Steinberg changed that to be honest.
I’d rather have been making music to be honest than all that business.