Problem with my usb elicenser

Hello, I have been using my cubase 7 for two years with absolutely no problem. Yesterday, I accendentally dowloaded the latest version of the elicenser on to my available licenses.

Then the system looks just like as seen below the opening screen no. 1 and no. 2 whenever I run cubase in my computer. It looks like that there is something wrong with my soft elicenser codes…

I would be grateful if you kindly direct me what to do about that?

Thank you
Sansal Engin

I would try to reactivate the licens in your MySteinberg account. Take a look at this page under “reactivation”:

You can also transfer the software license to a dongle (look at link above). Then you have to protect the dongle your life, but will not loose it again locally on your DAW computer :slight_smile:


Thank you so much,

I will try to reactivate as you informed soon.

Best regards


Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any detailed info about re-activation on my steinberg site.

I just registered my new soft-elicenser number online however it still says there is no product in it. When I try to register them into the soft elicenser, I do not be successful about it.

I can only see my products available in my usb licenser and that makes me extremely upset and furious…

I purchased 7.5 and now it does not activate becuaswe of these things… real confusion at all!!!

So, what should I do then? I can not use my Cubase right now

Hi, after a couple of days, I just found the problem. Now, I am currently using Cubase 7.5, exploring its brand new features…