Problem With Nas Driver

I’m using Wavelab and my files are on HDD of Synology NAS. I have gigabit lan.While importing files to wavelab is really fast but ‘saving mp3 files from Wavelab to NAS’ is very slow.
I tried to copy files with Windows File Explorer Computer to Nas. It is fast so i think i don’t have problem with HDD or lan.

What can i do about it?

How slow?
WaveLab does not make any difference if writing to a NAS or anything.

When i export mp3 to shared folder on other PC (normal HDD not SSD)
It takes 7-8 seconds

When i export same mp3 to NAS shared folder
It takes 45-50 seconds

An mp3 file is written in small packets, while when you copy a whole file from file explorer, I can imagine some bigger packets are used.
This being said, I think some settings in your NAS must be not well adjusted. I have also a Synology NAS, not recent, and with mechanical drives and without any RAID.
It just takes under 2 seconds to render an MP3 file (+ 4min long) to this NAS.

Thank you. I will try to solve problem with changing settings

I’ve tried to save mp3 from Adobe Audition to Nas.It is perfect and very fast.
What is the problem in Wavelab 6.
Do you have any idea about Wavelab Settings ?

WaveLab 6 is an old 32 bit application. Current version is WaveLab 10!
Adobe Audition is a 64 bit application.
Maybe that’s the difference.

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