Problem with nat.

Hi, I encountered a problem.
I’m exploring in Dorico Pro 3 the key switches and playing techniques. The technique nat.(natural) worked well!
Then I saw that I could make my own playing techniques in Engrave. I did change something in the playing technique “natural”.
From that point the keyswitch of natural didn’t work anymore.
Before this action I set a nat. between a pizz. and staccato notes. That was necessary because despite the staccato signs (.) the pizz. sample stayed. With the nat. between both it worked well. But now nat. doesn’t work any longer. I clicked at factory reset in the Playing techniques in Engrave, but that didn’t resolve the problem. In “Play” I don’t see any longer nat on the place where I put a “nat” sign (shift + P).

In the meantime I found out, that it is not possible to attach a keyswitch to a self made Playing Technique. Is this by design?

Thanks for any help, (especially the problem with nat.!)

Welcome to the forum, mmka. Make sure that you have the mutual exclusion groups set up correctly in your expression map, so that Dorico knows which techniques should cancel out which other ones.

You can attach a keyswitch to any playing techniques you create yourself, but make sure you not only create the playing technique appearance in Engrave > Playing Techniques, but also the playback playing technique so that you can assign it to one or more actions in Play > Expression Maps; again, ensure the same playback playing technique is chosen in your expression map and as the effect of your playing technique appearance.