Problem with Neo Keys Vibrato

It seems Neo Keys leaves the Vibrato on, even when it is switched off after loading.

To test, load Neo Keys, the default Neo Keys patch should be there, with no vibrato - all OK

load another sound, so just try loading the Neo Keys patch again, the Vibrato then comes on, even though it is shown as off,

is this a repeatable bug in Neo Keys, or is it something unique to my system ?


You’re talking about Neo Soul Keys. Just mentioning it to help googlers having the same issue find this thread.

I can’t reproduce this issue here. Try downloading Halion Sonic SE 3, then applying the latest update:

Use the same email you used to create your MySteinberg account.
This should update the playback engine used by Neo Soul Keys, which should hopefully fix this issue. As a bonus, the update will also fix some tuning issues that affected some Halion Sonic SE presets.