Problem with new Korg vst3 Opsix native in C12 Pro

Did someone succeded in creating an instrument track with Korg new Opsix Native plugin ?
I installed it, taking midi notes from my Scarlett 18i20 midi in, as I am doing for other instruments but no sound on output ?
Am I the only ? missing something ?
I did the same thing for Korg Wavestate native and I correctly get sound in the output mix ???
Any feedback welcome, thanks.


Isn’t it CPU hungry? Could you try to increase the Buffer Size?

Can you see any meters in the plug-in (incoming MIDI, outgoing audio)? Can you see the meter in Cubase?

No CPU pb on my side I5-12600KF + 32Go + To SSD + W11.
I am more interested in feedback from people having tried it than suggestions from people giving solutions in the dark, but thanks.

Works fine for me, in several CB12 projects. Not very CPU hungry, btw.

Thanks, are you sending midi from an external source ? Or using an existing midi track ?
What are your instrument settings ?

I made some progress, it seems that Opsix native only listen on channel 1 ??
When I send on any other channel, even with its track on any, no sound.
It seems to be a bug ?