Problem with note ecpression map high winds in VSL SE+ and C

Maybe this has been covered in another thread, but I’ve been searching the forum and I didn’t find the answer to my problem.

I’m working on an orchestral composition in Cubase (8.5.20) using a MIDI rack, using the note expression maps Steinberg provides on their download page. The specific problem I run into is with the High winds note expression map not playing back the right articulation. F.e. perfomance legato where sustained legato is selected, or not changing back in time from staccato to legato and so on.

Of course I can get the same result by entering notes in the C1 octave, but for me it works easier using the articulation/dynamics controller lane in the MIDI editor, where you only have to click the desired articulation and Cubase does the rest. All String sections and low winds work as expected, only the high winds section is giving trouble.

Cubase and VI are up to date, I’ve loaded the right samples (SE+ and note expression map for SE+), double checked every setting, but nothing seems wrong. Since all other instruments work exactly as they should, I suppose it must be a settings problem in the note expression map.

I’ve already tried to change the behavior of the note expression map by editing the key switches, changing the root key and even in VI I changed the default key switches to the one cubase sends, but nothing works. Is there anybody who knows how to solve this? Any help is highly appreciated.