Problem with note entry in drum parts

Hello - I’m a running into an issue in Dorico Pro 5 in which I cannot enter notes using my MIDI keyboard on a Drum Set (Basic) or Drum Set (Full) staff. I can still hear the drum sounds when I play the MIDI Keyboard and I have the track selected, so I know that the MIDI keyboard is hooked up. I am successfully able to enter notes into other staves, including other percussion instruments such as “kick drum”. I can copy notes onto the drum staff, but can’t enter them.

The reason that I discovered the issue is that I was trying to drag loops from Groove Agent SE into the MIDI window for the drum track, but nothing happens when I do that. Weirdly, I can drag the drum loops into the MIDI window for the piano part, so it seems like this bug is related to the note entry bug for just the drum tracks.

Any ideas? Thanks for your help!

Is there a working percussion map attributed to the drum kit? That’s the central piece for this to work…

Welcome to the forum, Julie. Yes, I suspect that Marc is on the right lines. To check that you have the right percussion map assigned to your percussion kit, go to Play mode and select the drum set instrument in the track overview. Then in the left-hand panel in Play mode, open the Track Inspector panel, and click the little cog button in the Routing section to open the Endpoint Setup dialog. In the Endpoint Setup dialog, ensure that the channel where the drum set is loaded has the Yamaha XG or General MIDI percussion map chosen as appropriate.

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Thanks Marc and Daniel! That was right on. The issue appears to be that when I changed the instrument in Play mode > VST and MIDI > VST Instruments from “HALion Sonic” to “Groove Agent SE”, it doesn’t apply a percussion map by default.

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That is absolutely right, Julie, and perhaps that is a step we could automate to avoid this problem happening in future. I’ll take a look at it.