problem with Note Performer mixer with dual displays

I know there’s a thread on this already but can’t for the life of me find it via searching here or via Google so apologies. I just wanted to reiterate that I’m seeing that weird Note Performer mixer bug and perhaps it IS caused by my using two different monitors in a dual monitor setup, with each at different resolutions (my main one is 4K; the other is 1600 x 900). Essentially, when I first opened the mixer on the 4K screen it appeared ok; but when I dragged it to the right it suddenly got disproportionately small; and further dragging made it look like this:

Main (4K) screen:

Lower-res screen (when dragged there):

I now just closed the Note Performer mixer again and re-opened, and now THIS is what it looks like on the lower-res screen (tiny!):

but when I drag it it gets big (as in the above) again and unusable.

Hopefully this is something that can be worked on (since unless I reset I can’t use the mixer at all at present when it does this).

  • D.D.

Hi !
Not sure it will solve your problem, but just to let you know that NotePerformer is now 3.2… Maybe some bugs have been repaired that could help you.

The thread in question is still on the first page of threads on the forum, D.D. You could find it simply by doing Command-F and typing “noteperformer” to find it. It’s here.

As Marc said, you may have some luck after updating to 3.2.

If not, the response that I got from Arne was:

“We’re probably going to try and fix this in a more robust way in a future update. It certainly wouldn’t be impossible for us to do.”

FWIW, it’s not the difference in resolutions that is the issue; it’s that you’ve got them at different scaling (150% on the 4K, it looks like). If you’re comfortable enough with your Dorico keyboard shortcuts, you could always change your 4K monitor to 100% temporarily. I’m not on a Mac, but that always worked for me on Windows (“worked” being a relative term, but it’s at least better than nothing).