Problem with Nuage Fader Pack & Multi-Panner Window

2 Separate issues.

The fader screen of my Nuage system keeps jumping from the left screen, where it belongs to the center screen each time I start the system. It just started doing this a couple of weeks ago. I don’t understand why this is happening. Can anybody tell me what I need to do to make it STAY in the screen it belongs?

The other really weird issue is that my Pan window is sometimes EMPTY on the master controller in ATMOS projects! If I launch the Multi-Panner window on N12, I can see what I’m controlling with the encoders. Or I can see the controls on the window in the fader pack. But I don’t understand why the actual window in the master section hardware is blank. It’s not all the time on an specific type of channel. I can’t lock it down to bed or object mode. It just happens on channel 17, while showing all settings and puck(s) on channels 16 & 18 for example. Anyone else had any experience with this?

Heres a photo of the Panner on the Fader Pack Screen. All the pucks are present.

Here’s a photo of the same track on the Master Hardware Screen. NO PUCKS! Why is that?

What does it say in the Nuendo Mixer.
Do you have them there?


Yes, the pucks show up on every screen except the hardware master and only under conditions that I have yet to figure out. The track to the left or right of this one has the pucks in the hardware view.