Problem with Objects connecting to one another

Hey guys,

I’ve been looking for the answer to this through Google but it’s hard to find when you can’t exactly describe what the problem is.

I’ve been working on a project today, and I went to click on one object before to open up it’s piano roll. I double clicked and all of my object turned black (as if they have all been selected) and all opened together.

I had a look around but can’t see an answer but I did notice this little symbol turn up in the corner of each object in question that ended up opening:

Click on the image to open it up fully as the preview image doesn’t show the little symbol i’m talking about.

It’s the small symbol in the top right of the event object, can anyone tell me what it is exactly, how I turned it on, and how to turn it off please?

Thank you.


This icon means, your events are Grouped. You can switch this On by using Shortcut Ctrl/Cmd+G, or menu Edit > Group. You can Ungroup it by using shortcut Ctrl/Cmd+U, or menu Edit > Ungroup.

This Group means, if you click to the one of the object, it will open all of grouped object, for example.

More anout Grouping events: Operation Manual, page 64.

Thank you very much Martin!