Problem with offline audio processing


I have recently encountered a problem (after a long time running Cubase without this problem)
When processing a piece of audio offline (using the “plug-ins” option) - for example a reverb with a long tail - I get piece of audio that looks ok (the waveform) but the audio fizzles out and cuts off about a second and a half into it (not as shown on the waveform - which is about 7-10 seconds long).

I have tried to restart my computer and open an empty project but the problem persists.

I also had a couple of cubase crashes (blaming my cubase.exe) when playing around with the offline processing in my original (heavy) project.

Can you please help me?


if I do a “bounce selection” on the “processed and cutoff” audio part (with the good waveform) - I get a new audio part with a cutoff waveform (which correlates to how it actually sounds)

Just to relieve any doubt - I was using Reverance and Reverb A

I am running cubase 5.5 btw … :slight_smile:

Check tail length setting. Same in new project?

The tail length was set to 10 and 7 seconds …

I do get a 7 or 10 second audio clip - with full length waveform displayed - but the audio cuts off 1 second into playing it … (as described above …)

Could it be a sample rate problem?

I don’t know where a sample rate mismatch could have happened …

The sample I am using is 44K and so is my project …

The sample plays fine before offline processing …