problem with old plug-in


How Can I remove old Plugin from Cubase 6.5.3.

I installed trial version T-Rack and Waves but now I can not remove this plug-In and rewire host from Cubase, when I switch on Cubase every time Cubase wants from me to find lug-in bud I remove everything from PC. I removed plug-in from my library and all files from my Mac 10.7.3

When I went to Devices > Plug-In information and remove from active and put uprade Cubase wrote me ‘‘Installation error please ensure this product has been installed properly’’ and then Cubase shut off and it is still around and I dont want to reinstall Cubase. What can I do?

It is possible to remove plug-in?

Thanks for your quick answer.

Beat Regards


It’s a file with the suffix “.vstplugin”. You gotta
browse through the library to find it. Should be in the audio folder
somewhere. I’m not in the studio right now so I can’t tell you the
exact path.