Problem with output routing of some VST Instruments

Hi all,

I use some non-steinberg VST instruments, and for some reason the VST instrument outputs don’t get activated automatically for some instruments. For others, I try to activate outputs but it just doesn’t work. For example Native Instruments Kontakt looks like this:

And I can’t select anything for the first output (which has a strange name like “channel process…”):


The other “Channel processes” let me select something, but no sound is coming through.

This is the case for Native Instruments Kontakt, FM8, Battery, … while Native Instruments Absynth works when selecting an output for “Channel process 1”. (this first is “Channel process 0”) Confusing…

What am I missing here?

Thanks a lot for your answers!

Found out it’s the VST2 issue… Hoping to get a fix soon.

… we have fixed it with 1.1.41. Read more here