Problem with overridden pages

I have a file that is 104MB large (piano) with (so far) 16 flows (640 pgs). When I open the file on my laptop (via iCloud) - Mac OS Mojave - there are pages in the 16th flow that don’t have overrides that do have those overrides when I open the file with my desktop machine - where those overrides were created. Has anyone else observed this behavior? The desktop machine is running Monterey (12.0.1).

Are you sure, you are opening the same file? The file might not have been 100% synchronised yet, so you might be using a previous version of that file.

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I’d be interested to know why the file is 104MB in size – does it have lots of imported graphics in it?

Yes, I am quite sure.

The project (so far) contains 16 flows with 9767 measures that are spread unevenly across those flows and containing 139 graphics, also unevenly distributed. I will try to post a cut-down version of each one (the desktop version that is correct and the laptop version that shows the anomaly) and post it here.

Update: Here is something I don’t understand. I resaved the project under a different name and deleted 15 of the 16 flows ( by selecting each flow and deleting en mass), the remaining flow had no music frames. If I deleted the first 15 flows one by one the music in the remaining flow had music but not what was in the flow when there were 16 flows. This must have something to do with how I set up the flows and the chain of music that is contained in the flows (one chain throughout - MA). Is there a way of fixing this?

I can’t quite visualise what you’re saying here, Tom. The flow that was previously the 16th flow no longer shows the same music if you delete the preceding flows one by one as if you delete all fifteen of them in one go?

Yes. I know it sounds convoluted but that’s the result. If I select the preceding flows (1-15) and then delete them, what was flow 16 is empty of music (the text and graphic frames remain). If I delete these same 1-15 flows one by one then there are music frames that remain in what was flow 16 but the music isn’t what was contained within flow 16 before the deletion. I guess my question now reduces to the following: is it possible to have different frame chains for each new flow? If so, can I convert the flows of my current project to have those separate frame chains while retaining the music that is already contained in those flows?

I doubt that using a new frame chain for each flow is really what you want. It sounds like your project is very big, very complex, and has a lot of manual adjustments and changes made to the layout. You might find that making a new layout inside the project and then, for example, using a specific master page set for that layout in which you filter the flows to be shown, might be a way forward without damaging the existing layout with all of its overrides, embedded graphics, and so on.

Thanks, Daniel, I’ll experiment with that idea. But going forward with projects I have planned along a similar vein, Is it possible to have each flow in a project have a different musical frame chain? Would this be the result of having more than one master page (even if each new master page looks the same?)

You would need to have several master pages, in which you select only the Flow you want to show in this masterpage. Then apply the master-page changes. But the problem with this approach is, that you would need to apply the Master-page change to an existing page (with existing music from the previous flow). Hence your flows would never end properly, I assume.