Problem with page numbers

In a multi movement work I prefer copying each one as a separate flow. In the second piece I have the page number set to 11 / use number / always shown as I would like the page # shown on the first page in this case, but I do that and the page number doesn’t change or show on page one. Suggestions appreciated.

Have you checked the settings in Layout Options—Page Setup—Flows, regarding flow headers hiding page numbers?

If you’re using the First master page for page one, you will need to add a text frame containing the page number token - there isn’t one present by default.

Thanks for the replies, after much playing around with it I got it to work. Now I really appreciate your help with this but in my opinion if, under setup/ layout options/ page setup / page numbers that really should be all I need to do instead of going through what seem to me to be completely un-necessary series of steps that take up time I could actually be inputting notes.

Well, it’s an option that some users require! Hopefully, the only time spent is figuring out how it works the first time through. Save your settings as defaults and it’s quite fast the next time around.

Actually found an easy way under the master pages in engrave using the # symbol.

Does this seem wise? I know it’s convention to have no page number on page 1, but surely the option in Layout Options for including a page number doesn’t work with the default Master for page 1. Conversely: is there any benefit to removing the frame if you can suppress it in Options?

The default master pages date from before Dorico has Flow Headings, so I suspect “what’s wise” is less relevant to how Dorico actually handles this stuff.

Consider a multi-flow project where each flow starts with the First Master Page. Convention dictates that the first page number of each flow will be hidden; but the Layout Option can only suppress the page number on the first page of the layout.

Im’ not sure it’s such a convention to remove page numbers on subsequent section starts, is it? A quick glance through song cycles, anthologies and other multi-section works I have show page numbers on the start of new sections beyond page 1. It would be pointless having a table of Contents if the page number given wasn’t actually on the page!

So the layout option is only a viable option if you’re not using First on page 1…?

I work from my own template file, which has the Page number on the First Master, hidden by default. I always get caught out when I start a project from scratch.

I don’t fully know, Ben, and I’m away from home with no access to reference materials or scores.

The point stands that these default master pages predate Flow Headings. It may be that they predate the layout option to hide the first page - I don’t have access to older versions of Dorico to check that, either.