Problem with pagination with various subprojects.

Good morning,
sorry if I disturb you, I would like to offer you my little problem.

Most of the scores I transcribe come from manuscripts of the Baroque period and in most cases, these are masses with different voices with orchestra.
I have already seen that at the moment Doric has not implemented the cipher bass, but this is not the problem that I would like to ask you.

When I started studying Dorico, I saw that he works with streams and I hoped that they could be configured individually on the page, that is, if in the first stream there is a certain configuration, where the distance between one staff and the other is required reduced, however this configuration may not be good for the second flow, where instead there is a need for greater distance between the staves, or greater distance between the various necklines, and so on.

Studying the manual I saw that the possibility of changing the layout of the various streams concerns only the musical setting but not the layout for the various streams.

Is it possible to make the layout in one or more flows independent of the other flows?

I hope I was clear.


It is not possible to give a specific player different layouts for different flows.

The closest you could come would be to manually assign different Master Page sets page-by-page in different flows, which would be a clumsy and time-consuming way that would fight against the program.

I would suggest you examine and experiment with different staff-spacing and system-spacing settings to see if you cannot find a combination of settings that will serve in all flows.

(Incidentally–and please do not consider this a criticism–you might want to edit your first post to replace the term “pagination” with the words “page layouts” in your title, since pagination normally refers to how one splits material into separate pages or how one assigns page numbers to pages.)

I apologize for the mistake, it is not about flows, but about subprojects.
Within a project I have several parts (example for a Requiem: 1.Requiem aeternam; 2.Kyrie; 3.Dies irae etc etc …).
Here I would like each subproject to have a different page formatting.
How can I solve it?


It is not clear how you have this setup if you are not using Flows. Do you need to have different Vertical Spacing on the same page? Or does this take effect on a new page?

If you have the setup where each Flow starts on a new page, you can create another Layout for a Player then assign each Layout different Flows.