Problem with percussion part layout staves

I have a piece in which there are two percussionists, each playing both a mallet and a percussion set-up which is notated in the score on a 5-line staff.

In editing the part lay-outs, one of the parts looks just like the score with the 5-line staff throughout for the mallet and the unpitched set-up, but the other one keeps switching back and forth between the 5 line mallet staff and 7 widely spaced percussion lines.

Why would this be happening when I set up both percussionists the same way?

It sounds like your second percussionist has instrument changes between a pitched instrument and a percussion kit, but the percussion kit is set to use the grid presentation type in the part layout.

You can change the kit’s presentation type to use the 5-line staff in the 2nd percussionist’s part layout instead.

Hi. I divided the percussion set into players. So, I renamed the first one to “Percussion 1 (Thundersheet and Crash Cymbal)”, and added both instruments in the percussion part.
However, I would like the title of the page to be just that name, but now it is “Crash Cymbal & Percussion 1 (Thundersheet and Crash Cymbal)”. That’s what the default “{@layoutName@}” does. Is there a way to change this automatically?

And how can the part name appear on the part before each instrument?

Also, for some reason, for this percussion instruments (solo or combined as in the case above), the “1. Flow 1” is appearing on the part. I don’t understand why, because on the other instruments it is not, and there is no page overrides. How do I remove it?

Have you tried directly renaming your layout in Setup mode?

Are the options to show flow titles the same for your Perc layout as for your other parts?

Why not send a Dorico file of the first few measures so we can see for ourselves what is happening?

Renaming layout → it worked (I had only thought of renaming the players).

Show flow titles → I haven’t changed it, so I guess it is? And some percussion instruments have the flow title showing, but others don’t. Where do I check this?

As for the first few measures, here they are:
Dorico test.dorico (2.4 MB)

Here is what I would suggest, both in Layout Options

Thanks for sending the abbreviated file.

Thank you. I don’t know why that happened just for a few parts, but you solved the problem.

My traditional reply: “Gremlins.”
(Computers are full of them. :laughing:)