Problem with pickup rests

I have a movement in cut time that starts with a half bar pickup. When I try to enter the half bar rest for players who do not have the pickup, it shows for a second, then reverts to a whole rest:!

By default Dorico will show a half rest if you really do have a 2/2 time signature with a half note pick-up. The fact that you’re seeing a bar rest there suggests that you don’t have a pick-up after all. Try re-creating the time signature by selecting it and typing 2/2,1 into the Shift+B popover.

Thanks. I am using cutc,1 in the Shit-M popover–is that incorrectScreen Shot 2021-03-13 at 12.29.38 PM ?

Is it possible that the cue is causing the issue?

Got it fixed–in an earlier attempt, I had forced rests in some of the pickup bars. I now understand fully that in Dorico, a pickup is a change in the bar, not the meter! Old Finale habits will fall away eventually… Thanks Daniel!