Problem with playing the sound of a movie in Dorico

I encounter a problem. I have a piece for little orchestra + solo flute. Also a movie is attached for some horse noises at the end, a little joke. All worked fine until now.
I don’t hear the sound of the movie anymore.
In the track of the movie I have placed a vst effect.
I suppose that there is a problem, because I can’t remove that vst effect anymore. When I try to do that, I get the message: an error occured.
I can’t either place a second vst plugin in the movie track, I get the same error message when I try to do that.

Is there a way to restore this error?

Could you please load that project into Dorico and then do from the menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report? That creates a DoricoDiagnostics file on your desktop. Please attach it to a reply here. Thanks

Thanks, Ulf, for your help! Unfortunately I’m not in the opportunity to do this now. I will do it tonight.

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Hi Ulf, here is the Dorico diagnostics file. Thanks for looking into it. I started the file and tried to change the inserts of the movie track with the same error messages. After that I made the diagnostic file.

Dorico (1.4 MB)

At least on my browser, the link did not appear as an upload.

Thanks, Derrek, for your help. Now I think it is well.

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Hi @mmka , thanks for the data. At first sight I could not find something striking, but tomorrow morning I will take a closer look again. A little patience please.

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Is it possible that you’ve changed the sample rate in Dorico since you first attached the video file? If so, try detaching the video file, then rename the file so it has a slightly different name on disk, then try attaching it again. That should cause Dorico to re-extract the video’s soundtrack with the appropriate sample rate, and it should then play back.

Unfortunately the idea of Daniel didn’t solve the problem. The problem with the error message when trying to change the VST effects in the movie track, did stay also.

Good morning, on a second look it is quite apparent, why there is no sound for the video. When attaching a video Dorico also allocates in the mixer a channel for the video audio. For whatever reason, this audio channel is missing in your project data. I have no idea how that one could get lost.
Furthermore, I see in the master output channel that you had an effect plug-in loaded in slot 1 of the insert effects, but Dorico can’t find that effect any more when it tries to load it.

How to get out of this situation? I only see one possibility: If you send me your Dorico project, I can delete the audio engine part of it and then you have to build it up again, not from scratch , you could start by applying a playback template and then bring it back into the desired shape again. Sounds a bit tedious, but that’s the only way I see.
Or do you maybe have some older backup of the project where the video was still sounding?

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Thank you so much, Ulf, to figure this out. In the evening I will check out an old backup and we will see if we can manage this problem in that way. If not, I should be very happy to make use of your offer to delete the audio engine of the file. Thanks for your help so far.

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An alternative might be to export the project as an XML, load that as a new project and then attach the video again. (admittedly you will lose any playback tweaks you have made, but it should preserve the basics)

Hi Ulf, the solution in my situation was indeed an old back-up.
I realize now, that in the version that is corrupted, I changed several things. I wanted to make a piano excerpt, so I added in the full score temporary a piano. And I made a custom score with the piano and the flute. Also I deleted an extra staff, that I used for composing as a notepad. I think in that process something went wrong???
Anyhow, I can move on. Thanks.

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