Problem with POD Farm 2 through Cubase

Had a look on Line6 forum and similar issues with other programs but not seen it on Cubase.

Am running Cubase 5 Essential on PC with Windows7. All was working fine until I loaded up POD Farm2 yesterday and parts of it are black and it is not working properly. I attach a screenshot:

Anyone else come across this problem? Any help on how to fix it or what could be causing it would be much appreciated.


Did you ever figure this out? I had the exact same problem show up yesterday on me.


I ended up uninstalling all Line 6 software and reinstalling it, updating then launching. Seems to be working fine now

I’ve had weird instances like that , or even worse, where the entire GUI just won’t open up. It happened in very busy projects where memory was probably getting scarce on WIN XP32. THis was in the original Podfarm