Problem with Punct

For some reason I can’t find or get an answer to this. There dosnt seem to be any way to punch in/out with hearing prior recording (event) on playback , short of clumsy work-arounds involving erasing prior event(s). I have searched all over this forum and-and internet- it seems there is no way to mute the previously recorded events on playback after punching in/out. How is such a design oversight possible. It defeats the whole punching in/out concept? One suggestion I read l was to drag the new recorded event into new track and mute original track. But 2 problems with this: 1) now punched in event is alone out of context of original track, but even worse 2) when moving to a new track the event will inevitably slide left or right rendering it out of sync. I am so disappointed. Was using Harmonic Dogs DAW which punches as one would expect, w/o this bizzare glitch. But it lack the functionality of Cubasis. :frowning:

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Hi @Joe_Cannavo,

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As of yet, Cubasis handles audio data on a single track similar to a looper, resulting in playing back overlaying audio tracks on the same track at once.

In addition, the “Play Audio Tracks While Recording” option located under “Setup/Audio” lets you slightly change the behaviour recording-wise.

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