Problem with QWERTY keyboard


I have a problem with my qwerty keyboard.
After some minute of use in Dorico (2.1) the symbols upper numerics keys are compleatly disfellowshipped. For example, for use the “=” symbol, normally I press SHIFT+0.
After some minute of use if I press SHIFT+0 instead appear “=” appear another symbol “(”
I restart Dorico and all it’s Ok

What is the problem?

I’ve no idea, I’m afraid! Are you on Windows or Mac? What language keyboard do you have? Are you accidentally changing the keyboard language while you’re running Dorico? On Windows I believe this can be done by typing Ctrl+Space by default, so maybe you’ve done that inadvertently?

Hello Daniel. Thanks forum your interesing.
Yes, i workshop with Windows 7 64 bit, and the language selected is Italian.
It’s provabily who I typing inadvertenly Ctrl+space… Sorry for the stipid question, perhaps inadvertently this happened and I did not notice it!!!

Thank You very much!

This might have been caused by changing your language.
On the taskbar right next to the time it should show your language set it to ENG INTL