Problem with Reaktor Blocks missing notes in Cubase 9 Pro

I have been using Reaktor Blocks 6.1.1 in Cubase 9.

When I play from an instrument track from Cubase notes go missing frequently from blocks (running as a VST).

Any one else see this?

(OS windows 7)

Reaktor Block works OK stand alone but in Cubase - misses notes…

Native instruments forum link:

I think I’m getting closer to the problem.
When I play a keyboard live into Reaktor 6 Blocks it misses notes - but if I record the MIDI and play it back (into Reaktor) the same notes played OK.

Just to make this more clear:

It’s the routing of the live keyboard to Reaktor 6 Blocks within Cubase that’s going wrong. The same notes that do not sound from Reaktor 6 Blocks (missing notes) can be recorded in Cubase and then will play on playback.

Can anyone see this?

I think I’ve managed to get it working more reliably. I’ve opened up the Reaktor MIDI IN block and removed the delay block - and rewired the Pitch and Gate straight through.

(I know this is a Reaktor 6 question but anyways) This Reaktor delay block within MIDI IN looks rather complicated - does anyone know anything about what it’s there for?