Problem with recording audio.

I’ve been trying to record audio on Cubase but I can’t get anywhere, I’ve gone through all the fixes I can find, the ASIO driver, I/O settings, the sound settings on my laptop and nothing works. The mic seems like it’s picking up audio, the blue bar goes up when I talk into the mic, in all the videos I’ve watched the bar goes up to red but mine doesn’t, I don’t know if that has something to do with it and when I try to record it just doesn’t record sound, I’ve got recording enabled and monitoring on. I’m using the UR22mkII and the mic that came with it and I’m on Windows 8, it’s all Steinberg equipment so I don’t see why there’s an issue, any help is appreciated.

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I’ve had a similar issue. Try turning off monitoring while recording, it worked for me. Not sure why I am getting this behaviour.

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Have you pressed the small red button on the channel. Is the channel going red when attempting to record? Does the record button light up in the Transport bar?
Are you seeing a waveform or part of any kind written in your arrange window?
Are you switching off the Monitor button, which you need to do to hear playback?
Can you upload a screenshot so other forum users can see what you are seeing?

You don’t ideally want your meters hitting the red by the way, though they should be moving.
I think it’s likely to be set up, not hardware. I have UR22mk2 and it’s fairly bullet proof. Much more likely a setting in the software.

I had to turn the Monitor button, it was that easy, thanks.

Good result!