Problem with recording microphone in a DAW

UR22mkII, Widows 10/64:
I try to record voice with “minus phonogram” in the DAW (Adobe Audition 22). But I have 2nd minus sound in the microphone chanel with voice.
I have tested in other DAW (Avbleton). The situation is the same.
Input and output devices are correct.
Please help.

Hello Andrey and welcome
It is difficult to understand what you mean, I dont know what minus phonogram means at all, but I will guess, and based on this suggest you check this:

  1. that loopback is turned off in the yamaha asio control panel
  2. that the knob DAW/Input is where it should be, and
  3. that you dont have montoring chosen in your DAW (in my DAW:s it is a small speaker icon, but I dont know Adobe Audition or Abelton).

Hello, strummer,
“Minus” in our slang is a song without vocal.
Thank you for your help. I turned off the loopback mark and result is positive.
Thank you again and good luck.

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