problem with recording vocals on cubase 7

when I start with a template with vocals on it already I record on the template vocal track and it sounds good, but when I try to add backing vocals by duplicating the first vocal template track the duplicated track always has a much lower recording volume and I cant figure out why I have tried to mess with everything and nothing has worked. Idk how to make the duplicate track the same recording volume as the original track and I don’t understand why it automatically makes the track lower.
if you could tell me what im doing wrong or how I should record backing vocals correctly I would appricate it.

also I noticed the recording max time was started at 800 hrs yesterday and by today is already at 750 hrs today I know I haven’t recorded 10 hours worth of material and it seems like its always going down even if I don’t use cubase I was wodering what will happen when it runs out will I not be able to record anymore?

Perhaps you could list ALL the steps that you did to ‘duplicate’ the track.
No ‘origami’ steps (1 in 3) here, but EVERY one.

Max recoding time is simply the remaining disk space converted into time if it was all used to record at the current sample rate and depth.

If you haven’t used Cubase while the space has gone down, then you have stored something else on your project drive.