Problem with reinstalling Cubase

For the second time in a year, I am forced to reinstall my Cubase. :imp:
I was able to create a new Soft-eLicenser. After that I´ve got a problem, I receive this message: “No products found on this eLicenser”.
Can anyone tell me what´s wrong and suggest a solution?

It seems that you have deleted your license. I hope you have registered your cubase license in your mySteinberg area. Then you can request a new activation code.

Thank you for your answer. I´m not really sure that I understand how to request a new activation code. Where can I find the Cubase license? I would very much appreciate if you could explain that for me.

Go to the Steinberg Home Page and click on the “MySteinberg” button.

Log in to your account. You will see all of your software products listed there.

You will also see the option to reactivate your software and options for support if needed.

Good luck (hope your product was originally registered). :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Ha-ha! No problem, I bought the product and paid for it. I´m an honest man. :wink:

The problem is that there are no software products listed in my account. Therefore it´s not possible to reacitvate it.

Maybe I´m stupid - but how can I do to get the software product listed in my account? I was able to use Cubase until some days ago when someting happened, I don´t know what.


If you didn’t register it to your mysteinberg account you’ll need some help from Steinberg.
Contact support and explain your situation.

To avoid problems, register your product in Mysteinberg in the future!

Okej, I´ll do that. The strange thing is that I installed Cubase one year ago. Everething has been OK since than - and all of a sudden it doesn´t work. I have to reinstall it and for some reason the software has disappeared from my account.

The problem is solved!!

It was a well known bug that Steinberg mention on their website. The solution was to unistall Cubase and eLicenser, install them again, and install the latest update for your Cubase version. After that - no problems!

Cool, glad you got it sorted :slight_smile:
Still a good idea to register Cubase in mysteinberg!