Problem with "Rename events from list"

Since version 11, naming events is broken. German letters like ä ö ü are cut off during import.
Even if you select a line, and paste text, everything from the letter ä ö ü … onwards is ignored.
So “Kurt Böhme” becomes “Kurt B”. The “öhme” is cut off.
Support has been confirming this error for years, but has not fixed it.
You can only write these letters ä ö ü when you enter the editing mode of a line.
But this is very inconvenient because you have to click in the line several times and the behavior (the number of clicks in the line) is not constant.

Maybe I’m the only one who needs this function every day. But I would be happy if this could be fixed. Other countries with special letters certainly have the same problem.

I regret that Steinberg installs functions, lets them break and then never fixes them again.