Problem with rests

Somehow I’ve created a half-note rest at the beginning of a piece and when I try to erase it in order for the rest to be in the middle of the bar all the rests in the staff are erased.

Actually while I wrote the question I’ve managed to solve the problem by erasing the rest, mark the bar rest in the staff above and press Alt+M.

But I feel it’s not the “proper” way it should work.

any better idea for the future?


The key is the Starts Voice and Ends Voice properties. Either the thing immediately before your rest has its Ends Voice property switched on, or the next thing that remains after you delete your rest has the Starts Voice property switched on.

I tried to use the Starts Voice and Ends Voice properties, but in this case it didn’t work properly. The thing is that the rest is the first thing that is happening in the piece so I can’t choose anything before.

Could you cut down a copy of your file to the first two or three measures and attach the shortened Dorico file (zipped first) here?

Hi, here is the attached file.
Stravinsky - Etude no. 4 - Short score - (539 KB)

Simply select the rest and hit Delete.

It’s really weird. When I tried to simply select the rest and hit Delete it erased all the follow rests. But when I saved exited and opened the file again it worked simply as you said.