Problem with retrospective recording


I have an issue when using RR.

I’m just experimenting with it today, i made a 5 min piano improvisation, the projet was on stop during the improvisation. it looks like the RR recording was done in a cycle mode and the different loops are mixed together, so i’m getting a midi container of 1 min 30 sec containing the 5 min improvisation in several mixed parts… Anyone experimented this same issue?


Can’t say I have, but would like to ask what might or might not be obvious questions.

  • where are your locators
  • is Cycle active?.

Thank you Steve!

  • Locators where both in (00:00:00:00)
  • Cycle wasn’t active

Okay then…

If you can rule out a prefs corruption by trying to reproduce the problem in Cubase Safe Mode with disabled preferences, it’s a bug report.

That’s to say, if you find it works correctly in safe mode, you should launch in safe mode a second time. and delete preferences, because there’s problem in them.

If it doesn’t work correctly, it must be a bug of some kind, and shall be reported.

Ok i will try in safe mode.
Thank you for your help.