Problem with saving WaveLab Pro 9 project files

Hi !

I’m a costumer of WaveLab Pro 9.
I can’t do a simple thing that every program has: save projects.
WaveLab only remember the last configuration of the master section, but
doesn’t succeed to lunch my projects exactly as I saved them the last time, so I can continue
to work from where I left (as I can do, of course, in Cubase or every other program out there).
Am I missing something ?

I’m working on a mastering for a song I did in Cubase 9. I want, of course, to continue the mastering for that song in Wavelab, but be able to save the project so I can continue work from where I last closed it.
It needs to save everything: the files I uploaded, the master section I used in that particular project, and so on… I work on several projects, so of course each one should open exactly as I last save it,
no ?


It’s pretty obvious by your posting that you do not understand the way WL works. My suggestion would be to take the upcoming weekend to read the manual. Then if you have questions please feel free to ask them and I am sure someone will be able to help you.


Read the manual… Thank you very much.
I don’t have the time to read 1000 pages this “upcoming weekend”.
I thought this forum is about help & not about patronize.
Someone else ?

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It seems you mix the term “project” and audio montage. No?

Moreover, Master Section config and montages are different things.
However, you can save a Master Section config inside a montage, so that to optionally open it next time you open the montage.

If you can’t be bothered to even understand the basic concepts of WL, why should anyone here bother to drip-feed it to you? You should at least be aware of the Audio Editor, Audio Montage and Project Files. No need to go through 1000 pages for that, there’s a nice chapter in it called Wavelab Pro Concepts.

Hi Roy,

This reminds me of when I first used WaveLab. It took some time to realize that the global master section must be saved and reloaded with each montage project separately, it’s not saved as part of the project. There are reasons for this.

There are also some settings and shortcuts to make auto-saving the global master section settings and reloading them less of an issue.

Lucky, in version 8 PG added “montage output effects”. Plugins in this insert slot affect the entire montage project and are 100% saved and stored with the .mon project file. You don’t have to worry about anything else.

It’s 100% recallable with no extra work, as you would expect in most DAWs.

There are a few plugins and things that aren’t available in the montage output effects and only available in the global master section but I have easily developed a workflow that allows me to never use the global master section and you probably can too.

The montage itself allows 3 insert options for plugins. Clip FX are inserted on the actual audio clips/files. Track inserts put the FX on that montage track (not to be confused with CD track), and Montage Output FX affect all the audio in the project like the master fader in Pro Tools/Cubase/Logic etc.

I hope this info helps you.

Hi Roy …

Perhaps your issue may be possibly be more to do with organization rather than WL. Master section presets are saved separately from the overall WaveLab project. Montage fx presets can be saved with the montage and the motage reopens with them.

We all work differently, but I have a template folder which, in turn has sub-folders including “WaveLab” and “Settings”.

This is helpful because you can save/back up the settings for the session in your “settings folder” along with a text file etc with settings of hardware you might be using.

You can save your project file … the .wpr file created when you select as … from the outset in the “WaveLab” folder. Everything to do with the project, including all the wave files, is now in your project folder.

Additionally, at the commencement of every new session, a new folder in the WaveLab presets folder is created to ensure project settings are all in the one place. Experience suggests this is a good idea if you are running a busy studio.

It really takes no time to navigate and load master section settings from the master section pull down dialogue.

Hopefully, this is of some assistance.

OK, well then, I guess you really don’t want to do any learning.

When I started with WL 1.6 back 20+ years ago I took the time to learn it since I had just paid a lot of money for it. I read the paper manual cover to cover. It took some time but now the program is almost second nature and when a new version comes out I update my “knowledge base” by consulting the manual for changes. I suggest you do the same and not get upset. FWIW

Thanks man !
I need to dig into WaveLab more deep.

No problem, all the plugin inserts and settings up through the montage output effects section are saved with the montage session file. The global master section needs special save/load procedures.

When working directly with audio files outside of the montage mode, you need to save/load the global master section settings with the audio file in a special save/load procedure.