Problem with scoring drums on Cubase AI8

I just got my Cubase AI8 with UR12 interface and I have problem with viewing a drum score.

I am starting a new track, recording short drum part from keyboard and the score is a mess. I was able to get into score editor but switching to drum line clef does not help (bass drum is on the 8th added lower line for example) - there’s no “traditional” drum score view that normally shows bass drum between 1st and 2nd line, snare between 3rd and 4th, hi-hat over the 5th, etc.).
I have tried with and without GM Drum Map, score is always a mess. When trying to put drum score together “by hand” with editor creates the same problem - proper drum sounds are scattered all over.

Please advise what to do.

Thanks and all the best,


In the Drum Map settings, you can set, how should be the Drum set written in the Score Editor. But I’m not sure, if this feature is also part of Cubase AI.