Problem with selecting object in score editor when there is crescendo and/or similar

I have a problem with selecting notes and other graphic objects when there is a crescendo symbol and/or a horizontally ‘long’ object.

Please see this video.

It doesn’t happen in Cubase 11 pro.

If there is an option turn this off or a way to make it behave like Cubase 11 pro, please let me know.

Thank you.

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This is the project I am working on.

If any of you have time to test it on your system, please do and let us know how it works on your system.

Thank you.

03 Clair de Lune-01.cpr (2.4 MB)

P.S Debussy’s 9/8 is just nightmare to transcribe…

It’s not clear what you’re doing, since the video does not indicate if you’re clicking or what. The cursor is moving so you’re doing more than just clicking.

But anyway, try using layers to work on notes only, or magnify, or use the arrow keys to select. Watch out for unison notes in different voices,

I can confirm the bug.
Drawn horizontal lines, crescendi, trills etc make all events on the staff to which they belong unselectable throughout their length .

( hope that’s clear! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)


Thank you Masetro.

It is crystal clear👍

Note the workaround until this is fixed is to put Notes in a different Lock Layer. Activate the layer and selecting is possible.


Excellent my master! :+1:
That’s why I didn’t notice the bug in my scores.

Edit: but the issue does not concern only notes, but all elements in the score: any graphics, bars and staves themselves. And the workaround is not consistent.

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Yes, that is right and what makes it somewhat difficult.

On piano music (actually any classical music), there are so many finger numbers on the notes, and it is not possible to separate the finger numbers (text) and ‘long’ graphical symbols in Cubase. All just are ‘graphics.’

Anyway, thank you guys for your help. I will use the layers as much as I can to avoid the problem.


Reported to Steinberg