problem with sends

hiya, i’ve opened a session from a couple of days ago and tried to sidechain something but the send isn’t showing up. i’ve got other sidechains set up which are still working fine but for some reason when I pop a new compressor in, hit the side chain button and then look for it in the sends it just isn’t there.

have tried making new instances of the compressor, making a new track and copying the audio over and trying again - and shouting at my computer isn’t helping either.

has anyone come across this and got a workaround?


it’s happening with another session now. not even banging my fist against the monitor is helping.

happened with me the other day .i wondered if i was only alowed so many sidechains,but it did come right i unloaded another side chain and then reloaded the one i was having trouble with then i reloaded the one i`d unloaded if that makes sense .i wondered if it might be XP.