Problem with Serum on Cubase

Hi, I’m new here !

I have an issue with Serum. I just bought a legit version of cubase 9. I’ve also a legit version of Serum that I’ve bought with Splice (rent-to-own).

But Serum does not work on Cubase. I installed Serum in the plugin folder : C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase LE AI Elements 9\VSTPlugins .

Then I open new project on Cubase, add an instrument, click on Serum_64.dll . Then Serum load but I can only play the init with my synthesizers… I can hear the notes , but i can’t go IN the VST Serum… I just can see a lil’ window open, but nothing happened when i click on it .

Here’s a photo :

The problem might be your pc system , are you shure thath is 64 bits?it can be 32. i dont know

no, not ‘bit’ problem. I didn’t have this issue.
Is it official or torrent edition? If torrent, make sure it’s not fake.