problem with setting up strymon as external fx

i want to create a vst plugin of my strymon timeline for use in in cubase 9.5/win10 external fx

i am using the following focusrite web page for reference

physical hardware connections
18i20 3+4 outputs to strymon in
strymon out to 1+2 18i20 input sockets

create external fx routing within Cubase

In mixcontrol I have setup my my strymon outputs (anlg 1+ 2) to point to line outputs 3+4

In Cubase, I add the vst plugin as an insert on a n audio track.

I can currently hear the audio track when the plug in is bypassed/switch off. When switched on however all I can hear is no drumloop audio, but I can hear a low pitched noise which sweeps and changes when I modify my timeline dials.

Bottomline I cannot here the drumloop sample being effected by the external timeline fx. Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance

You are not being clear in your mind about what you are trying to do.
That focusrite page is about using FX as an insert while recording, not as a VST plugin.

Forget about mixcontrol for this… and refer to this article: