Problem with Shipping costs

I have CI1 since March. I have been working with it perfectly until it started to make noises. I talked to the tech support and after some tests they requested me to send it to be repaired.

Here it is the surprise. I have to pay shipping costs!! 50 euros. The sound card costs 100 euros and have to pay another 50 to send it!! Cannot believe it! Never happened this before being in warranty period.

Is there any solution for this or should I trash the NEW audio card and buy another one? Of course not an steinberg one. It is a pity. I am a happy Steinberg customer (cubase 6, wavelab elements 7)…


There seems to be an EU law that with remote internet purchases the vendor needs to take care of repair shipping under warranty…

Thanks for the reply Raphie.
It seems I have to contact for the shipping. I phoned them yesterday but still waiting for an email from them. Steinberg should say that customers who bought products from their website should contact ASKNET for the shipping in case of a repair instead of saying you have to pay for the shipping.

But we did just that when you contacted us on this directly? Asknet should actually provide you with all the necessary information with the emails they send to customers. If a device is defective, it is always recommended to contact the dealer first and not the manufacturer. In this case, Asknet is the dealer as they are an independent company selling our products among others.

Hello EdDoll,
Finally I arranged everything with Asknet. The problem was that when I got the RMA email, no one told me to contact ASKNET. Tech support knew I ordered it through Steinberg website, but no one told me anything until I complained about the shipping costs.
I would suggest you ,to avoid future problems, to let customers know about this fact once they contact steinberg support.