problem with slur


I am trying to reproduce this:

but I can only get this:

dorico slurs.png
double slurs.png

if I flip the stems of the upper voice, the stems get out of line. If I notate octaves in one voice, the upper slur will not attach as in the upper example.

If you notated the octaves in one voice you have to input 2 slurs and then in engrave mode put one of them where you want it.
It works. Have just tried it.

thank you ReRei, I’ll try again

It’s also possible in Write mode, using the property panel of the slur. Set the direction to the one you want!

Thijs, if I in Write mode use the property panel in this particular case, the slur would go
a) underneath (as the slur of the lower octave)

b) above in a funny shape

But with the help of Engrave mode:

the result can be obtained (see next post)




Yes, I apologise! I realise I misunderstood your problem.
For the downward facing slur you do need to adjust it in Engrave mode.