Problem with some plugins in N10

Hi there

I recently upgraded to N10 from Cubase 5. For the most part it went ok.

However, a select few plug-ins that are apparently compatible will load properly and I can interact with the UI with no crashing or other problems. But there is no sound coming from these plug-ins at all.

One example is Sonic Charge Synplant. I’ve checked the output is correct and that all other instrument channels are playing fine in the project. I should add that I can’t play Synplant with my midi keyboard or the piano roll editor keys with audition turned on, there is just no sound either.

Has anyone else experienced similar issues with some plug ins? And do you know a workaround/fix for this?

I love synplant and I hate to see it behave like this.


Steinberg… :mrgreen:

The story of my life :unamused: